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These days, having a home-based business is common. Direct sales, blogging, even YouTube can all be businesses that can become very profitable in the right hands. eBay and Etsy, even Facebook has a marketplace. The possibilities are endless. It is an exciting idea. Making a living right at home, while doing something you love. The old saying “if you love your work, you will never work a day in your life” is the kind of thinking that leads people to start their own business. We all know people in our lives that have given it a try and even have seen people not make it in the business world.

I have tried a few home businesses out, and they are not for everyone!  It can appear easy. Well, I have discovered that I am not good at asking my friends and family to buy things from me. You have to know your strengths, and that is not one of mine I have discovered. I am more of an introvert. Give me a computer and social media. I like to be behind the scenes, not giving a pitch face to face.

Knowing where to put your efforts can make or break a business. If you are like me, you might not be able to do direct sales, but that doesn’t mean that having a business is not an option. All you need is to start. Sounds easy right? Well, stop and think. Do you have something to say? Maybe you can write ebooks. Put your self out there, and give it a try. There are so many resources out there to help people get started. E-commerce is an ever growing industry. I have seen people make a jewellery company out of their home with great success. Again, this is not for me! I am not crafty. I don’t enjoy it and trust me, no one would buy anything I make. It is just not for me.

The key is finding what you love, what you are good at, and seeing how you can meet a need that people have. Once you see a need you can fill, you have a target customer. Now you can get to work!  After all, any journey begins with a single step.

Of course, the success every business is directly linked to its customers. The best product does no good sitting in a box. It needs to be in the hands of your customers. Then you need that customer to be happy so they come back.

Achieving customer success is an imperative part of any business. It requires work and strategy. This is what keeps your customers coming, and creates the coveted word of mouth advertising. Reaching out to resources that specialize in creating strategies for your customers can let you focus more on doing what you are best at. Let your passion become your work, then you can never work a day in your life.

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