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So, things have been quiet on the blog front for a bit. Life has been very stressful. In the past year, my family left a very toxic influence that had been affecting us for over a decade. This has been a time of hurt, and now finally, a time of healing. This influence was manipulating my families choices, and now we finally have a chance to make decisions without the guilt and divisions that were bringing us down.

Over the past few years, emotional toll and stresses were slowly eroding my love of homeschooling. Every day was a struggle. I don’t mean that I thought homeschooling should be easy, but it was more than that. It is never good when you wake up each day dreading your tasks. It was affecting my ability to teach and even enjoy my children.  This is a feeling that just drains you! I felt like a failure. Everything I ever wanted for my family was clouded in a dreary sadness.

Well, we have decided that it is time to make some major changes. We are no longer a homeschooling family. That is a hard thing to put out there, but we know it is for the best. We have found a private school that teaches what we believe, and we have friends there making this an easier transition. Easier, not easy. We are just a week away from having everything we know changed! I am excited and scared. Yet I know this is for the best. My son will have his first ever day of school in grade 10! High school, a whole new world.

Little C will be in a life skills program, where she will have access to more therapies than I can offer.

I will now have a chance to be me again. I will have time to keep up on housework, and I plan to focus more of my time here, writing and building my blog up to what it used to be.

Thank you for your patience these last few years as I neglected my blog. I can in fits and spurts trying to get my passion back, and now I want to make this blog what I originally dreamed it could be.

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